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      party clutch
      party clutch
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      Moonstone Clutch/Sling

      OMR 37.51 OMR 26.26

      Curation of Mother of Pearl (iridescent shell created by oysters). Our Shawq Luxe collection is one of a kind.

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      A Moonstone clutch can be a meaningful present for any lady. The meaning of the clutch will vary depending on the woman who will receive the clutch. However, most Moonstones will represent hope, love, and romance. Moonstone clutch has been the coveted gemstone for hundreds of years.

      Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries, and many different cultures have attested to its healing properties. Many women choose to have a moonstone clutch in their hand as an anchor and a powerful stone for love and protection. Moonstone stones can also be placed in other precious stones to help set a woman’s mood. Moonstone can also be worn on the wrist or ankle to ward off evil spirits and draw extra health and light into their bodies.

      Little known ways to rid yourself of moonstone clutch

      Moonstone clutch comes in an array of colors, and each gemstone has a unique set of colors. While some of the Moonstones are more yellow, other darker hues are also available. Moonstone has also been found with a variety of different designs, from the simple to the extravagant.

      Moonstone is a favorite among women’s jewelry. It can be incorporated into a women’s watch. Moonstone clutch can also be found in women’s pendants. Moonstone jewelry can also be created from Moonstone and added with other stones. The price ranges for Moonstone jewelry are pretty varied depending on the type of design that is chosen.

      Moonstone is also available in settings that hold multiple smaller stones. These Moonstones can be combined to make one larger stone. The stones that are connected can either be transparent or they can be opaque. The size and weight of the combined stones will also affect how the stone looks. Most women will opt for a combination of three small stones in a setting that holds three larger stones.

      Additional information

      Weight 0.43 kg
      Dimensions 17 × 3 × 12 cm

      Brass, MOP


      Pearl White, Silver




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